Alaric Portrait Alaric
Land King Sprite
Class Land King
Location Land King Hall
Teaches Body, Mind, Reflex
Mother Chrysothemis
Father Magpie
Before you stands an older, dignified gentleman, but with a look of desperation.

Alaric is the Land King, and rules Cythera from Land King Hall. He was born to a Human mother, Chrysothemis, and a half-Seldane, half-Undine father, Bahoudin, during the Age of Tyrants, and began the Age of the Land King in 216 A.T. by deposing the Third Tyrant.


Alaric is one half Human, from his mother Chrysothemis, one quarter Seldane, from his paternal grandfather Jhiaxus, and one quarter Undine, from his paternal grandmother Jinrai. He does not remember anything of his father, Bahoudin.


The date of Alaric's birth is unknown, but it was probably around 180–190 A.T. in Catamarca. After his mother's death in 201 A.T., he left Catamarca, wandering in hopes of finding the Mages in exile at Pnyx. Instead, he found Land King Hall, a former site of power for the Seldane. There, he developed his bond with the land.

In 216 A.T., he returned to civilization to end the rule of the Tyrants. He walked into the court of the Third Tyrant, announced “The rule of Tyrants is over,” and in a flash of light the Third Tyrant, his family, and supporters all collapsed, dead. After this, he announced that the reign of tyrants would be replaced with the rule of democracy, and that he would return when this had been arranged.

Three years later, after the six Noble Houses had been established, Alaric returned and gave his approval to their system of representative government. In order to ensure the system remained fair, he brought the Mages out of exile to serve as Judges.

Since 219 A.T., he has ruled Cythera from Land King Hall.


Alaric can train the hero in Body, Mind, or Reflex, and when asked for “help,” will heal all party members and remove any status effects.

In addition, at the beginning of the game, he gives the hero the Land King Amulet, which protects the wearer from death and can revive party members.